BendPak TS-580V-601 Elite Air Compressor

5 HP / 80Gallon / Vertical Tank

The TS-5 Elite air compressor is designed to save energy. Built for high productivity and lower operating costs, it produces more compressed air using an extremely efficient and low-energy-consuming 5 HP motor. The TS-5 Air Compressor, a Tried-and-True Classic The...
$3,020.00 $2,525.00
BendPak VMX-7580V-601 V-MAX Elite Air Compressor

7.5 HP / 80Gallon / Vertical Tank / 1 Phase

The V-Max Elite 7580V-601 air compressor combines leading-edge technology with the superior build quality you've come to expect from the world leader in automotive service equipment. Powerful Two-Stage Air Compressor Unlock your shop's full potential with the V-Max Elite 7580V-601...
$3,865.00 $2,925.00
BendPak VMX-7580V-603 V-MAX Elite Air Compressor

7.5 HP / 80Gallon / Vertical Tank / 3 Phase

Up your air game with the powerful, 3-phase V-Max Elite™ 7580V-603 air compressor from BendPak. V-Max Elite air compressors meet and exceed your air system needs with high-efficiency technology and unrivaled quality. The Next Stage in Air Compressor Evolution Meet...
$3,865.00 $2,965.00
BendPak VMX-10120V-603 V-MAX Elite Air Compressor

10 HP / 120Gallon / Vertical Tank / 3 Phase

Meet the enormous BendPak V-Max Elite™ 10120V-603 3-phase air compressor system. When it comes to pure air power and reliability, there's no such thing as a more solid investment. All Craft, No Compromise: The V-Max Elite 10120V-603 This V-Max Elite...
$4,125.00 $3,655.00
BendPak RS7580V601 7.5 HP Air Compressor

Rotary-Screw / Vertical / 80-Gallon Tank / 208-230V / 60HZ / 1-Phase

The Hush Quiet™ rotary screw air compressor "speaks softly and carries a big stick," meeting compressed air needs of high-volume automotive facilities worldwide. It's one of the quietest air compressors on the market, creating a quieter, smarter work environment. Create...
$5,890.00 $5,105.00
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