Ranger RSC-2TF 2-Ton Folding Shop Crane
This heavy-duty hydraulic folding engine hoist is perfect for shops that have limited space but still need the pure lifting convenience of a crane. Rugged, 4,000-lb. Capacity Folding Crane The RSC-2TF 2-ton folding shop crane sports a 1" to 93"...
$600.00 $420.00
Ranger RES-1TF 1-Ton Folding Engine Stand
This heavy-duty engine stand has a 2,000-lb. capacity, and its compact design saves an incredible amount of space. The Perfect Engine Stand for all Shops and Garages The RES-1TF 1-ton capacity engine stand is all about functional convenience. When you...
$350.00 $245.00
Ranger RST-500ES 1,500-lb. Engine Support
Ranger’s RST-500ES offers 1,500 lbs. of engine support to safely hold the weight of your engine while you conduct basic service and maintenance. Perfect for shops and home garages alike. An Engine Support that Saves Techs Time The engine is...
$215.00 $155.00
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